Chronicle of queer history

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The Forum Queeres Archiv München has created a detailed chronicle of queer history. It can be read here. I extracted the entities in it, like persons, organizations, places and more and imported them to Factgrid and Wikidata.

Timeline of events

The chronicle of the Forum Queer Archive covers 270 events from 1378 to 2022. Like everything in this project, it does not cover queer history in its entirety and has a focus on Munich.

Read as full text in German

The entire chronicle as a timeline can also be found on the Forum’s website. If you like to read through the contexts of the events, then the website of the forum is much better suited than Factgrid: To the chronicle in text form in German.

Events per year

The next chart shows the distribution of events over time (SPARQL query)

Events over time ## Events and their participants and contexts

These events can of course be related to each other. For example, organizations or people are important at multiple points in time. Such relationships are shown in the following network:

  • in gray is shown an event.
  • in white persons, organizations or contexts, which as actors can connect the events
Navigation within the graph
  • You can zoom into the network and navigate, just like on a map.
  • With double click on a bubble you can navigate to the entry on FactGrid.
  • With one click on a bubble, more attributes are displayed.