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On this page I show queries that show various networks. Sources are either Wikidata and FactGrid. This can be recognized by the small symbol in the lower left corner of each visualization.

Target groups in Remove NA.

In the data of Remove NA, especially for locals and organizations, target groups are stored.

Organizations and persons

Individuals can be associated with organizations in various ways, such as founding member, senior member, member, …

International LGBTIQ* organizations.

And their connections to cities or countries.

Remove NA’s yourself

Finding more gaps is especially easy in this network. Two approaches:

  • An organization with a clear geographical reference has no connection to the corresponding country or city. This means: The information is missing in Wikidata.

  • Instead of a name, only a cryptic Qxxx can be seen: This means that the object has no name stored in German.

Queer choires around the world

Queer choirs are a thing! On Wikidata you can find some of them.